Calin Teodorescu

Hi there!

If you're here, you must be wondering who I am, right? Fair enough. Here's the short version:

I'm currently a 'Community Officer' for Envato, an online Marketplace for Stock digital content, fostering a Community of over 4 million members. This type of work is at the crossroads between public relations, support and community management.

A great deal of my work also involves assisting the communication between our community members and staff, in order to ensure that both parties have a well represented point of view, and that their collaboration is facilitated in the most viable manner.

Outside of this awesome universe, I am an illustrator, 3d artist, people person, lover of philosophy and complex tasks. I am a multi-tasker, curious by nature and I tend to wear more hats than some people would like me to. I am who I am, and my actions speak louder than I could ever suggest through this BIO.

I am a human. My existence is limited, just like yours, and I'm trying to make the best of it. Join me, or avoid me, that's your call :-)